Monday, 26 September 2016

Every Inchie Monday - Infinity and Briefcase

Where is all this time going?  Another week missed but not for trying - I rather scuppered myself in the execution of last week's challenge!  Infinity was the challenge word and apart from the mathematical sign I could only think of one character who said "To Infinity and Beyond!!"  Of course Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story - one of my grandchildren's favourites.  However - how to get him on an inch in embroidery!  Then I saw the Antiques Roadshow where they showed a beautiful embroidery done in silk of a lion snarling and a tiger, doing the same, by a Chinese embroiderer and it was magnificent and I thought it's like painting with thread - I could do that!  - What was I thinking!!!.... der!!  I started it on Monday - then got called away - tried again Wednesday then had to do a fill in job for someone who was ill on Thursday, we were in Birmingham Friday and had little Milly to look after at the weekend!  Hence I only finished him last night and wished I'd never started him but it was too late to start again so here he is mistakes and all!!  It is very difficult to see where the stitches go in real time - it's not till I take a photo of it and put it on the computer I realise how the stitches aren't quite true!!  Of course it's too late to try and correct it then so this is what I'm going with.
And then on to this week's EveryInchieMonday challenge - Briefcase.  I chose to do my dad's old briefcase that I remember him going off to London with every morning on the train - it was a Roman Italian leather briefcase with a snap fastner at the front - actually a more rounded shape than my inchie has portrayed but you never know how it's going to pan out and this bit of material came from a painting apron in the mending box - one of the ties had come loose so before mending it I cut a tiny bit off the end and there was my briefcase!!
Have a good week - ours has started with pouring rain but I have a multitude of things to do in the house so it doesn't bother me.  Thanks for calling by and for your comments and don't forget to click the link and see all the other amazing things people make.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Every Inchie Monday - Sky

I have had such a whirl wind of a time as it was my daughter's 40th Birthday last Thursday and we planned a family surprise weekend away in a beautiful old 16th Century Farmhouse complete with old beams and creaky floorboards to celebrate it!!  It was the surprise bit that kept me working all last week and the week before cooking for the freezer, making her cake last week, (well helping my other daughter make it - like cleaning up after her!!) and packing the car with everything we would need for three days!  I didn't know what was supplied at the Farmhouse so I took everything in case it wasn't there!  People thought we were going away for a month!!  Anyway it all went really well, lovely surprise and a great family weekend so I just thought I'd put a snap shot in to show the lovely beams in the kitchen and Charlie having just blown out her candles with the rest of the family looking on - well some of them!
So now I should actually have time to do some of my crafting that has been on hold for a few weeks.  This week on Everyinchiemonday our challenge word is sky. I had plenty of ideas for this one but when I went to my room and was looking for a suitable blue material I found a blue Moda which looked like it had clouds in it then I found a piece of wavy mottled brown which looked like a hill so hey presto that's what I went with.  I had an idea to felt a bit of fluff on for a fluffy white cloud but then I thought it needed something else so I put a balloon in too! 
 Nice to be back and hopefully I'll actually have time to leave you some comments - many thanks for your comments and for visiting.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Every Inchie Monday - "Mice" plus Catch up Inchies - Whale, Fjord, Dolphin and Petunia

Well it's good to be back! Summer holidays - more like summer work!!  No time to spend on inchies at all - they just kept sliding to the bottom of my list!!  However I finally caught up this Sunday when I actually had time to myself ... so in order - my first picture is of a Narwhal whale - my husband couldn't make out what it was even though it was his idea!!  Apparently I haven't shown enough of the whale coming out of the water but then I would have had to cut his tusk off as it wouldn't have fitted, it's supposed to be an icy sea with ice floating and icy land!
 Next is the Fjord - my version of the Sognefjord in Norway complete with waterfall!
 Dolphin was the next week I missed so here's the classic leap out of the water.
 Last week's challenge word was Petunia and I just love this dual coloured version.

And finally this week's challenge on Every Inchie Monday is "mice" so I did the two little white mice who are the whole intelligence of the Universe according to HHGTTG!!
So sorry I've not been able to leave comments - I will get round to it when I get a chance and if you leave comments for me then I really appreciate them - thanks for calling by and don't forget to visit all the other inchie makers wonderful work.