Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Every Inchie Monday - Thunderstorm

Firstly the opperative words for this week and last week have been storm and I was just hoping that none of you suffered from the St Jude Storm this weekend.  Luckily living west of where it hit we just had high winds but nothing like they had in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.  So Monday hit us sadly with scenes of devastation from the south east, and this Monday's challenge word on Every Inchie Monday is Thunderstorm.  A fitting word!  However I found it quite hard to convey this week and couldn't find the appropriate material so I opted for a plain piece of off-white and coloured in the clouds and sky with promarkers leaving the light area for the lightening.  I mean every thunderstorm has lightening even if you can hardly see mine!!  I did it in silver thread but it's so small!  I made more of the thunder clouds than the lightening.  Hopefully its simple but effective.  Thank you for visiting and please check out everyone else's inchies on this everyinchiemonday link.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Every Inchie Monday - Storm

For this week on Every Inchie Monday our challenge word is Storm.  When I was little I can remember lying in bed listening to my older sister and mother chatting late when she'd come in from a date and one of the phrases I remember Mum using a lot was "Don't worry it'll blow over - it's just a storm in a teacup!"  I never did know what they were talking about or what that meant until later in life but this was always my vision!!  So here's my version of "Storm"!!  Thank you for looking and please be sure to click the link and check out all the other brilliant versions.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Every Inchie Monday - Dispute

On Every Inchie Monday this week the challenge word is dispute.  Quite a difficult concept on which to do a piece of art let alone as small as a one inch square! However I have a brother-in-law who loves an argument, debate or dispute - whatever,  we always say he would argue that black is white!! And that's what I thought I'd depict!  So here is my version of dispute. Please click the link to see what other clever bloggers have done.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Every Inchie Monday - Foot

And another Monday bites the dust!!  Honestly I swear the days are quickening up - don't seem to get nearly so much done as I used to!  So here we are - Monday again and today's challenge on Every Inchie Monday is Foot.  And rather than think laterally like 12 inches, or the foot of a building or an animal's foot I thought about the delights of walking bare foot in the grass and so that's what my inchie depicts!  I did embroider some strands of grass going over the foot but it lost the outline of the foot and I had to unpick them!!  Hoping you all have a good week and please click the link to see what others have been doing.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Every Inchie Monday - Bag

Late again!!  Honestly Monday's come round so quickly and there's always something happening at the weekends I never seem to get time to sit and sew!  However last night I completed my bag Inchie which is this week's subject on Every Inchie Monday.  I was going to do a stumpwork bag using felt to fatten it out and give it a 3D look but I found this lovely sample of a leather type material and thought "that will be my bag!" So because I wanted the opening and clasp to look like metal I have used a variegated machine thread (copper and turquoise) as I had no metal thread,  to sew the top and put some French knots for the clasp as beads would have been too big.  I sewed the bag down with the same thread with tiny glitter stitches.  A little shading grounded the bag and I made the handle by blanket stitching over some strands of the same thread so it is actually not sewn to the fabric.  Hopefully this gives it the 3D effect I wanted and I'm rather pleased with it!  Hope you liked looking and please click the link to see what everyone else has done.