Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Every Inchie Monday - Butterfly

It seems I am never destined to get my inchie done by Monday!  This week's challenge word on Every Inche Monday is Butterfly and I nearly finished him yesterday but more haste less speed made me go wrong so this morning I had to unpick what I'd done in haste and do it at a more leisurely and organised pace!  I really enjoyed doing last week's ladybird in stumpwork so I thought I would stick to stumpwork and try a wired embroidered butterfly as I have always wanted to try this technique.  A bit fiddly to begin with as the item was so small and would obviously be much easier in a larger version but it came together despite the fact that I used flower arranging wire and an old pillow case as the base material which was more old than anything.  As I started embroidering the weave was parting rather disturbingly but it has given the wings a sort of filigree look! I soldiered on as I had already invested too much time in the wings and having assembled it I was a bit conscious that it is slightly overlapping my inch base square but with the wings bent a bit it fits!!!  On the whole I am rather pleased - I used a variegated thread which has given each wing a slightly different look but I think had I used a straight colour it might have looked a bit flat.  It was based on a Common Blue but I rather liked the purplish hue of thread I had to do the body so it's my version!!!
Thank you so much for popping in and for any comments you leave and many thanks everyone for the lovely comments you gave me last week for my ladybird.  It's always encouraging when your peers approve your work.  Have a lovely week despite this cold spell dropping in - we had snow on the car this morning!!!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Every Inchie Monday - Ladybird

Hope you all had a very Happy Easter - kids are all back at school today  - well I should really say the grandchildren are all back at school today!! so peace and quiet again!!  This Monday's challenge word on Every Inchie Monday is Ladybird and we have had a few hatching in our bedroom!  I keep seeing them climbing up the curtain!  So I have tried to do a stumpwork ladybird and followed a tutorial I found on the internet however I didn't have a lovely dark kreiner thread for the legs and the beads I had, which I thought were a mix of black and gold, turned out to be all the same - half black and half gold so it was quite hard getting them to sit with the black side facing!!!  But it was a lovely inchie to do this time and I really enjoyed it.  Hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather we are having and thanks for stopping by and any comments you leave.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Every Inchie Monday - Crow

This week on Every Inchie Monday the subject to do a one inch square of marvellous art is - Crow!  We have so many around here where I live but to do one in embroidery on an inch for me wasn't very inspiring and I chose a black felt crow which then was quite difficult to sew on to highlight the wings etc.  In the end I had to add "tail feathers and wing feathers" by adding embroidery thread as the black bit of tail felt broke off!!!!  Also the beak doesn't look as large as it should because I had to sew inside the beak.  Oh well you can't win them all and to be honest I'm up to my eyes in getting the house ready for the influx of family for Easter.  Hope you all have a very Happy Easter and enjoy the long weekend and thanks for looking and any comments you leave and make sure you check out all the other crow inchies by clicking the link.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Every Inchie Monday - Parrot

We used to have parrots - we had 2 blue and gold's - Fred and George plus a blue wing called Harry and we also had an Umbrella cockatoo called DeeDee, which we still have and she is 24 this year, and a Moluccan Cockatoo called Mutley - but boy was he noisy!! Unfortunately we had to rehome them so the only one we have now is our DeeDee, I think I've posted a picture of her before as I used one of her feathers!  Anyway I thought I'd put a picture of my boys on for you to see how beautiful they were.

So guess what?  Yes I've done a blue and gold parrot for my inchie, I used the same technique as my duck using the waxing strip to draw my image and colour it with promarkers and then embroidered over it however the only mistake I made was using the thicker rayon black thread, I should have stuck to the thin black I used for the beak so the eye lines are a bit thick and heavy and I was a bit disappointed but I couldn't unpick it - just too tiny! 
Anyway please click here to view the other marvellous inchie parrots and thanks for dropping by and any comments you leave.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Every Inchie Monday - Peacock

What a beautiful bird the peacock is and it is the subject for this week's challenge at Every Inchie Monday.  Such gorgeous colours to work with and I wanted to bring the lusciousness of the feathers into my inchie this week but unfortunately I couldn't find my rayon embroidery threads which have that beautiful lustre so I have had to work with cotton but I still really enjoyed doing this one.  I had it already to sew on Saturday but my daughter turned up unexpectedly with her 2 year old so you can imagine everything planned went out the window!!!  I was expecting her anyway for Sunday - for Mother's Day - but she came for her husband's mother on the Saturday and as they were busy she decided to leave them to it and bring Milly to see me - only ten minutes away!!  So I got a double whammy which put paid to Sunday as well and then her cousin arrived with her 2 year old and it was the first time the two 2 year old second cousins have ever met so it was wonderful seeing these two little blonde girls the same height skipping along holding hands!!  A truly magical family weekend with my sister's-in-law family who stayed for Monday as well! Plus the weather was stunning - not so today as it is overcast and grey now and we started with a low lying mist that hasn't been burnt off by the sun.  It truly feels like Spring now that the clocks have gone forward as well. Anyway here is my Peacock:
Thanks for visiting my page and for any comments you leave and may you have a lovely week till next time.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Every Inchie Monday - Woodpecker

Well it seems I'm back to Every Inchie Wednesday!!!  Try as I do I can never seem to get my inchie done by Monday - I think Tuesday and Wednesday are my best days for sewing so I am trying to get next week's done at the same time!  However this week's challenge on EIM was woodpecker and because we get loads of the greater spotted woodpeckers on our bird table I decided that's what I'd do.  I really enjoyed doing this one and even had a woodpecker on the bird hanger whilst I was sewing!  So here is Woody Woodpecker, I photographed it under the lamp so there's a bit of glare:

We've had snow this week - it's ridiculous how cold it has gone again just when the little lambs are about, not fair to them.  Anyway thankfully it's gone again as quickly as it came but there is still a keen wind so not gardening time yet even though I have spied a few weeds!  But the kites are back and she's back on her nest again so it is looking like Spring is here.  Clocks go forward to Summer Time this Saturday night so more time in the evening for doing things!  Thanks for calling in and for any comments you leave and have a lovely weekend all.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Every Inchie Monday - Heron

Good afternoon - I know, I'm back to Wednesday - tried so hard to be earlier but hey ho.  Heron is this weeks challenge on EIM and a very tall bird to fit in an inch square!  On paper I had a great image but trying to fit it on material with thread all of which are a lot bulkier - well need I say more - however here is my result complete with bulrush  having used the same technique as last week!
Thanks for calling in and please visit the other superb inchies over at EIM by clicking the link.  The sun is shining so I'd best go make the most of it - after all it may not be there tomorrow!!!