Monday, 18 January 2016

Everyinchiemonday - Sofa

So this Monday's challenge word is Sofa and my dilemma was how to portray a sofa in sewing medium! After all a sofa is 3 dimensional and so it should be in my inchie! So I decided to stitch two pieces of fabric together so that I could stuff the areas to make it look like a plush sofa! I then folded the spare material in and stitched it down making a tiny sofa which I attached to a "room"! Anyway it got me sewing again and I really do enjoy it plus the challenge of "how to" and "what to". To view the other sofa inchies please visit everyinchiemonday. Thanks for visiting.


  1. wow - not only a tiny sofa, but a three dimensional, soft one! Looks good for a nice long nap - well done

  2. Oh my gosh! I adore this, You are better woman than I!

  3. Such a great fluffy sofa. So much work!

  4. Yours looks a lot more comfortable than mine, gretat job.

  5. Jenny, all the words this year are taken from A hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy.

    1. Oh dear - showing my ignorance! Borrowed the book on recommendation but never read it as got put off by the sit com!

  6. Nicely created! I love the dimension you've created :-)