Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Every Inchie Monday - Boa

So this week's Monday challenge word is Boa - I did think of doing a feather boa but on an inch??!!  It was hard enough trying to do a proper boa snake on an inch.  Didn't look forward to doing this one and again am in a "can't be bothered" mood today and all week so far!!  So what I've done is what you get!  Had great ideas of doing a tree snake - they look so good looped over a branch all green but I just couldn't get it right so just opted for loops and tried to widen the head rather unsuccessfully!!  Used curtain cord coloured and marked with promarkers!  The only trouble with promarkers is they look great when you've just done it but fade when they dry - I must have marked it darker in places loads of times but it still doesn't look dark and light! And now I can see the head properly on the photo (enlarged of course) I can see he has wonky eyes!  He's supposed to have a forked tongue - very difficult to achieve - just looks what it is - two bits of cotton coming out of his mouth!!!

Oh well you can't win them all!  Weather is miserable again - everywhere else in the UK seems to be having nice weather but not us - I think your whole demeanour changes when the sun shines!  Anyway thanks for dropping by and don't forget to click the link to see the other creative works of inchie art.  Thanks for all your lovely comments last week and should there be any this week - thank you again - much appreciated - hopefully they will make me smile! Hope your week is lovely!


  1. Well I think your cord boa looks fabulous, you are very imaginative...and I can see the colour variations well in the photo...your remarks in the blog about a feather boa made me smile as I too considered a boa in a boa (but only for a nanosecond, I might add!). Our weather is lurching,as it does here, between cold, wet and windy to clear sunny and quite warm, but as we badly need the rain I am not complaining...it is sad to see waterholes on the farms around us mere dry cracked depressions at the end of Winter! Dxx

  2. No snakes observed here in Maine where the weather is very warm (90-93 Fahrenheit this week) nice effort with the promarkers- its a pain the way the colour changes as it dries!


  3. I think your snake is awesome! I love the herringbone look of him!

  4. I think your snake is fabulous, I too found this one very difficult. Weather not too good here either.
    Love Wendy xx