Friday, 23 August 2013

Birthday Card

Well I'm back to embroidering my flower pictures within the materials and since it was my daughter's birthday last week and we have some tiny miniature bright pink roses climbing up our wall I thought I'd try and do a card with these lovely roses being my daughter's name is Rosie!  I used a dry wet wipe as the base and coloured it with pink and yellow inks and maybe a bit of mauve, then bondaweb, then arranged my roses - (which I dried as they were very thick and juicy and didn't work the first time) plus some dried meadow sweet, then sandwiched it with bondaweb again and white organza - then parchment paper on top and ironed it all together.  Then I embroidered it with a new thread I'd just received from Stef  Francis in beautiful yellows and pinks - it was just ideal.  I tried beads on it but it didn't work so pulled them off!  Then I ironed on a piece of interfacing onto the back and glued it onto a card.  I thought it would be nice to follow the lines of sewing onto the card - so tried it out though you can hardly see.  Then I glued on a dried rose and viola.  Here is my card.

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