Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Every Inchie Monday - Butterfly

It seems I am never destined to get my inchie done by Monday!  This week's challenge word on Every Inche Monday is Butterfly and I nearly finished him yesterday but more haste less speed made me go wrong so this morning I had to unpick what I'd done in haste and do it at a more leisurely and organised pace!  I really enjoyed doing last week's ladybird in stumpwork so I thought I would stick to stumpwork and try a wired embroidered butterfly as I have always wanted to try this technique.  A bit fiddly to begin with as the item was so small and would obviously be much easier in a larger version but it came together despite the fact that I used flower arranging wire and an old pillow case as the base material which was more old than anything.  As I started embroidering the weave was parting rather disturbingly but it has given the wings a sort of filigree look! I soldiered on as I had already invested too much time in the wings and having assembled it I was a bit conscious that it is slightly overlapping my inch base square but with the wings bent a bit it fits!!!  On the whole I am rather pleased - I used a variegated thread which has given each wing a slightly different look but I think had I used a straight colour it might have looked a bit flat.  It was based on a Common Blue but I rather liked the purplish hue of thread I had to do the body so it's my version!!!
Thank you so much for popping in and for any comments you leave and many thanks everyone for the lovely comments you gave me last week for my ladybird.  It's always encouraging when your peers approve your work.  Have a lovely week despite this cold spell dropping in - we had snow on the car this morning!!!


  1. Fabulous, well done for trying this, I was far too ambitious and it nearly went in the bin. Lovely to see you on Saturday, and I have shoe-horned all the wool tops in.
    Love Wendy xx

  2. This so beautiful and well made. I am thinking dolls brooches after seeing this

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. This butterfly is beautiful! In beading when you have to take stitches out of your work it is called frog stitching (aka rippit, rippit rippit!) So sorry you had to use frog stitching :( But it is beautiful

  4. Well, I think the outcome is just marvellous...well done for persevering with the butterfly stitching, you are really inspiring me to get back into more embroidery. We have finally had a cold spell here too, with snow in the mountains, we have even had some rain too. Even though I long for cool when it is so hot, the weather has changed so quickly that it has taken us by surprise, scrabbling for woolies and thick socks!...Dixx

  5. Truly wonderful butterfly!