Monday, 17 July 2017

Every Inchie Monday - Buffalo

And Good morning to everyone on this fine Monday!!  Yes can you believe it?  I have my inchie finished in time to post today!  Wonders will never cease  ... and ... I am nearly finished on next week's inchie too!!  Let's hope I have time to finish it by next Monday!  So this week's theme word for EIM is buffalo - but I didn't want to go the American buffalo route as that is really known as a bison, I wanted to do a cape buffalo with those lovely big curly horns!  I was trying to think of a way to 3D them and thought about pipe cleaners!  In fact this little inchie went really well for me, I didn't have any grey fabric so I coloured an odd bit I had left over with a number 4 warm grey promarker and hey presto!!  Shall use that idea again when I don't have the right colour!!!  So toyed with the idea of using beads for eyes but they didn't look right so opted for small bullion knots in black and did the nostrils similarly in grey, just a 5 twist did it!  So here is my Cape Buffalo:

The weather here is being very kind to us although we did watch Wimbledon with her beautiful blue skies and sun with our own skies very grey and oppressive!!  My husband gets so jealous when he sees other people having better weather than us - but that's nearly all the time!!!  However today is glorious - and he's in watching the cricket on the TV!!!  You can never win!!  I will be out after I've posted this to enjoy some gardening in the sun!!! Hope your days are as lovely as today - Ha Ha - I have just gone on to EIM to get the link and notice so far everyone has done the same as me!!!  Oh well - we can't always be different!!  Thanks for calling in and for any comments you leave - I really enjoy reading them, take care.


  1. Your inchie is totally unique and fantastic

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. I love the horns on your buffalo and if you had not told me that you colored the fabric I would not have known! Beautiful

  3. I love your cape buffalo! You did a great job!

  4. Fabulous buffalo, you did a fantastic job. I nearly fainted when you published it on Monday, good job `I was sitting downn.
    Love Wendy xx

  5. I love your little buffalo, beautifully and cleverly depicted, you have the expression exactly right. Husbands can be contrary souls, Tim seems to take the weather as a personal affront when it is not as he planned ;)...Dixx