Monday, 10 July 2017

Every Inchie Monday - Fly plus Tiger, Lion and Hippo

Where do the days go to - it has been scorching hot and in between trying to get the garden done, driving to various places for Barry to work - up to London and back, Guildford and back and Leeds and back and with trying to reorganise all the bedrooms for Rosie's fiancĂ© - (yes she's got engaged hooray!) to move in with us there has been little time to sit and sew and when there has it has been too hot to even venture into the attic in order to view my materials for selection!  At night when it's cooler the lighting is so bad I cannot distinguish the colours so I give up and the attic retains the heat so it's still hot up there!  Rather annoying really - too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer - otherwise it's a delightful space!  Anyway the fiancĂ© is now ensconced with Rosie a very happy girl at last - the landing is still full of boxes and rubbish to be sorted and the spare rooms still need organising but I've taken a weekend off to sit and sew whilst my husband watches the cricket- I love sewing to the sound of cricket - I find it very relaxing and at last I have caught up.  It was too late to put my hippo on as I finished it Sunday so I will put it on with my fly and other catch ups today.  Firstly fly - I pondered this one as I hate the little devils and it's always those little tiny black ones that sometimes bite that annoy me and I feel they look just like this so here is my fly for this week.

I missed the last three weeks inchies - I think in my head what I wanted to do was going to take too long so I put it off but I really enjoyed doing tiger in the end and what really helped was my magnifying light that my dear husband bought me for my birthday.  I could actually see where to put the stitches and was very pleased with the outcome.  Here is Tiger:
Then the next inchie I missed was Lion - unfortunately this didn't come out as well as I would have liked - I think the felt I used for the face was a bit too light, it is beige but looks white in the photo, but I only had dark brown as an alternative!  Maybe I should have tried to colour it darker with inks or promarkers - I didn't think!!  So here is Lion:
And last week's was hippo which again I really enjoyed doing more than I thought especially when I did manage to get her mouth to open and give her teeth!!

Well thanks for dropping by, nice to be back and sorry I didn't even have time to go on your blogs to leave comments but I will try and rectify that this week.  I love being part of Every Inchie Monday and I was sad to not be involved over the last three weeks so will try and rectify that also.  Have a lovely week and thanks for any comments you leave.


  1. Fabulous inchies,you've done well to catch up again
    I especially love the tiger, but they are all excellent.
    Wendy xx

  2. Nice to know Rosie is settled and happy.

    Love all the inchies they are so well made and inventive

    Love Chrissie x

  3. Your inchies are all fabulous, love them all. I thought the tiger was my fave until I saw the lion, then the hippo...I would put that little fly at the bottom of the pile, but only because that is where they all need to be! You have been very busy but have done so well to catch up so brilliantly (I always just opt out and take an easy route when pressed for time), so I admire your perseverance. Dixx

  4. Congratulations to Rosie & also you on catching up, the fly.....yes well no one seems to like flies do they.....but omg the lion & tiger just blew me away, they are fabulous!


  5. Fantastic inchies. One looks better than the other.

  6. I have been behind lately myself, I am just glad you are having fun doing the inchies and that tiger Oh My Gosh!! I am in love! I also love the lion, I have seen (in pictures) a white lion so I think yours looks awesome! The hippo is super cool as well! I like the 3D effect and the fly looks really good. Thanks so much for sharing!