Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Every Inchie Monday - Spider and Squirrel

What a couple of weeks!  Grandchildren to stay as it was half term and so many things going on in the house anyway I finally managed to get my squirrel inchie finished on Sunday when everyone had gone and did my spider today.  I had to cop out a bit with the spider as I am so short of time and it is the only one I haven't drawn out before I've stitched it!  I found two beads which I thought placed on an inchie with black legs embroidered underneath would work and I tried to do a web with silver thread.  It only took me half an hour to do as opposed to the two hours for the squirrel!!  But I think they both work.  Anyway I am up to date and sorry I missed posting last week.  Can't believe we are already up to number 44!!  Christmas is looming!  Anyway hold that thought we still need to get through Halloween tonight so great choice for the inchie to be spider.  As it so happens my smallest granddaughter of 3 is dressing up in a spider dress tonight to go trick or treating in.  She loves spiders and is always doing "Incy wincy spider ..!"  When she sees my inchie I think she will want to take it home with her!!

 and here is my squirrel from last week's challenge:
Happy Halloween and thanks for dropping by.  Make sure you check out the other wonderful inchie spiders by clicking here.


  1. Your squirrel is fabulous and the spider not one I would want in my house, unless it was made of beads like yours.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Love Wendy xx

  2. Love the spider, it looks great but that squirrel is beautiful!

  3. I agree, the squirrel is just lovely, all that texture and colour on such a tiny piece...You have been very creative with the other one, looks lovely and shiny and dimensional...if it were mine I would be definitely popping it into a little bag and sending it off with the little to take home, I wouldn't want to come across it unexpectedly in a box or drawer ;). How nice is it that she likes them, poor things to be so friendless! Dxx