Saturday, 1 June 2013

Catch up Inchies for Every Inchie Monday - Hut, and Ruin

Now I've got into the rhythm I am really enjoying doing these mini bits of art and having to go away for work one weekend I did these in a hotel room waiting for my husband and happily embroidered away the time!  The first was "hut" and I was torn between doing a little brown hut in the garden or a beach hut so I ended up doing both! The first is an embroidered hut on a promarkered background enhanced with an embroidered tree with French knots and some grass!

The beach huts I cut from a piece of striped material, which I thought looked like the colourful beach huts you get in Bournemouth, and appliqued it onto a back ground of sky and sand using some beads for sand and stone.

The last inchie in this group was "ruin" and I wanted the ruin to stand on the curve of a hill with some scrub bushes growing around.  So the "ruins were appliqued on to the base and some French knots give the impression of growing bushes. I love the sky material - to me it gives the look of a cloudy sky.

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