Thursday, 24 March 2016

Every Inchie Monday - Door

Well a hard week to get through for me as I got food poisoning on Sunday night which rather floored me for doing anything for three days as achey and shattered.  However am recovering now and have a house full for Easter so had better be OK!! Just managed to get this done before everyone arrived this evening!  So this week's challenge word for Every Inchie Monday is Door and I'm sure they mean a door to the spaceship, or cupboards or steel doors etc - but I chose to do a fairy door, supposedly in a tree hence the ivy!  I thought it would be easy but actually the sewing was quite tricky as I guess I'm still not feeling totally me!  Anyhow this is how it turned out, thanks for passing by and please catch everybody else's inchies at EIM by clicking the link.


  1. Oh, no!!! How terrible. Do get well quickly. I'm amazed that your were still able to do such a cute little door. Love the added leaves.

  2. Fabulous door, I can imagine it was a bit tricky to sew those tiny pieces. We are off to Karen's for the weekend. Hope you feel better now and can cope with a house full.
    Wendy xx

  3. I love this door!!! Sorry tht you got sick I have had food poisoning before. Worst time of my life. I so feel for you!