Sunday, 3 April 2016

Every Inchie Monday - Peanuts

I know I'm really late submitting this week's Every Inchie Monday challenge word Peanuts! What with Easter and having 14 to stay from the Thursday to the Tuesday and doing all the cooking and feeding, plus 7 children I was, to say the least, occupied.  Then 4 of the grandchildren stayed till this weekend as it was holiday time and parents had to work, so today has been my first day to myself.  Also I have to admit that "Peanuts" was a difficult one for me.  I was going to embroider the plant with peanuts growing under the ground but being short of time I opted for a simpler version and one dear to my heart.  Peanuts always remind me of my late father.  He loved eating peanuts and would arm himself with a bag on a Saturday and devour them watching TV, not only that I remember him always chuckling at a newspaper cartoon called Peanuts.  He loved the antics of the little dog called Snoopy and later on actually owned a basset hound whom they called Snoopy.  So what better way than for me to portray Peanuts as the little snoopy dog from the cartoon?  I do hope you all had a great Easter and are not as tired as me!!  Please click the link to view other brilliant inchies.

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant, love it. You did really well to sew as much as that on an inch. I'm afraid 14 people to stay would render me useless, that's far too many. Two is plenty.