Thursday, 12 January 2017

Every Inchie Monday - Hamster

Late again!!  - That should have been last week's start for Rabbit!!!  This week the challenge word on EMI is Hamster!  I had such great aspirations for this one including a bit of stuffed technique from behind which didn't materialise - I keep forgetting how small an inch is!  Plus I went  down with one horrendous cold, flue, cough - whatever I seem to have had the lot with no sleep for two days through coughing fits! And it's still not gone but I have summoned enough energy today to actually try and make my little hamster which didn't go as well as planned but now I quite like the little fellow.  I probably should have made him from felt but the colour I wanted was downstairs in a project I'm working on and I was in the attic!  So I opted for cotton and decided to sew it on rather than bondaweb it so that I could stuff his cheeks but in cutting him out his ears got lost and his mouth went wrong and well I just ended up sewing and sewing until he looked like a hamster eating a bit of lettuce!  Then I photographed him went to put him on my blog and realised I'd forgotten his whiskers so had to correct that and take another photo which was then out of focus!!  Oh back and forth and the light is now fading - what a palaver!  Anyway here he is and thank you for dropping by and any comments you may leave - I really enjoy reading them and being part of this group.  Don't forget to check out the other Inchers ( I think that was your word for us Wendy!) work by clicking here.

 Oh and by the way, I think I wrote on someone's blog that my New Year's Res was to finish some of the many projects I'd started over the past 20 years!  So I thought I'd share with you my first finished project of 2017 which I started at Christmas 2014 having got a little kit for a bookmark in my stocking that year.  It has gone with me all over the place over the last two years ready to bring out when I was bored or stuck in a hotel with nothing to do.  So having finished the crosstitch part which is always the bit I enjoy it was the putting together that was my onus and which I'd been putting off so I sat down on 3rd January and made myself finish it and I am now using it in a book I am reading!!


  1. I love your hamster eating the lettuce, I do find using material that frays is a real pain, thats why I use felt most of the time. Love the robins, it must be very small cross stitches. I too have several embroideries to finish, but even more to frame. Then there is the problem of where to hang them, as you have seen our walls are full.

  2. love the book mark, glad that you got a UFO (unfinished object) done. Congrats! But that little hamster is adorable! I love that you had him eating, how cute!

  3. I think your hamster is absolutely adorable. Having him eating lettuce was a brilliant idea. I hate it when you've got your pictures all ready and then you discover they are out of focus - happens to me all the oh and thw whiskers are fabulous

  4. Amazing inchie with wonderful sewing

    Love Chrissie xx