Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Every Inchie Monday -Cat

And it's Wednesday instead of Monday I hear you say!  Yes well I've been doing the dreaded accounts - they have to be in by the end of the month and my accountant is screaming for them and what with not being well and trying to get rid of any evidence of Christmas it's been a long haul.  So I'm afraid my little inchies are taking back place at the moment!  However I had to do cat since I have five of them!!  I have two tabbies, one, Maverick, has the Bengal fishing cat in him and he's enormous weighing in at 6-7 kilos!  The other is a dumpy little thing, Maddy (short for Madam since she is one and rules all the others!!) that we found on the road one night as a kitten almost starved to death.  Then there's poor old Figgy (short for Figaro as he looks like the cat in Disney's Pinnochio) black and white and old -16 now. Then come the newest two a result of my daughter working at the local vet's!  Ferris is a black and white, I think they call them tuxedo cats, born of a little cat that was run over and brought into the vet's only to discover she was about to produce 3 little kittens.  They homed two easily but the last was left and so she brought him home and of course he stayed and then 4 weeks later another little kitten was brought in, completely black only 2 weeks old, his mother and siblings had just been slain by a farmers Jack Russell but when he discovered the little survivor he brought him in to the vets.  My daughter happened to be there and after the vets had decided nobody could give him the time so they were going to destroy him, again  my daughter came to the rescue and she fed him every two hours, walked around with him in a hat tied round her neck like a little sling and he nestled in there, went to work with her, slept with her and this was 18 months ago. Now he has grown into a lovely little cat black with long hair and his name is Django!!  So, I could only choose one cat and I opted for Ferris as he has a rather cute face with half a white moustache and the most beautiful green eyes, white bib and four white paws.  So here is my version and I added a picture of him poddling on the bed!

Thanks for visiting, and sorry to bore you with all my cats! Please visit other inchie makers work at everyinchiemonday by clicking here.  Thank you for your comments they mean a lot to me.  Enjoy the rest of the week - I still have to finish the accounts!


  1. Lovely inchie, he looks really cute. I haven't met the last two of the tribe. I bet Barry was pleased NOT. Green eyes, that sounds lovely, I mean the cat not Barry.

  2. That's a lot of cats to keep you on your toes but they all sound like fun.The people that are living in my dad's house above where my brother lived have 6- he also rescues the local wild ones & then the local cat society have them neutered & rehome them, it was crazy there last week when we visited. His wife is the one that had to ring me with the news about my brother .


  3. love the kitty stories. We never had cats growing up. My Mom hated cats. I love the look of your inchie perfect likeness

  4. Lovely car stories and a great
    Likeness on your inchie
    Love Chrissie xx