Monday, 15 May 2017

Every Inchie Monday - Koala

Well Guday!!!  This week's inchie is a Koala bear - what a cute little fella he is but apparently very sedentary.  Because they live mainly on eucalyptus which is very low in caloric content the koala bear sleeps for nearly 20 hours per day!!  I think I must have been a koala in my previous life as I always seem to be tired!!  Of the marsupial family it, like the kangaroo, carries its young (called a Joey) in a pouch and its closest relative is a wombat. With few natural predators its main threat is virus and bushfires or drought naturally and habitat destruction by man.  Here is my little chap.
  I managed to get though all the driving last weekend getting back home on Sunday to a lovely birthday surprise of the family visiting me and cooking lunch for me!!  So lovely and we have just been lazy today trying to get over all that travelling as we have to do it all again this weekend working in Bournemouth! Hence getting my inchie on today Monday would you believe it on time for once!!!Thanks for dropping in and any comments you leave. Don't forget to check out all the other inchie makers wonderful work at EIM by clicking the link.


  1. Happy belated birthday and nice to have a treat when you got back home

    The inchie is amazing and just love all the info you told us about the beautiful little creatures

    Chrissie xx

  2. What a stitched delight! I love the different colours in his gum tree :-)


  3. I love the detail you got in this inchie. So beautiful!

  4. Happy birthday! Your koala is perfect, love the gum tree bark detail...some eucalypts do have those colours, especially after rain. (love the accent too, by the way)...hooroo! Dixx