Monday, 12 June 2017

Every Inchie Monday - Zebra plus catch- up inchies

Well Hi, after three weeks of not getting an inchie done at last I'm back!  What with visits to the hospital, working away from home and having 5 grandchildren for half term plus my own children there has been no time to do any form of crafting or sewing either because I've been too busy, not been here or because I've been too tired!!!  Plus our water pump stopped so we had no water over the Bank holiday with the children staying so I was washing up in 2 inches of water to preserve it, and not flushing loos!!!  We had to take the children swimming so they could shower and wash their hair!!  We finally got someone out to us by the Wednesday and we discovered the float switch had stopped working so until he could order another we had to switch the pump on and off by hand making sure it didn't overflow!!  So I was running up and down to the attic checking hence being tired!!!  One of the disadvantages of being so remote and being on a bore hole!  However the advantage is having beautiful water to drink!  Anyway finally I sat down yesterday feeling more myself than I've felt in a week and managed to sew the four inchies I was behind on, starting with todays' which I really enjoyed although I thought I wouldn't.  This week's is Zebra and I was surprised at the beauty of the zebra's face and perfect markings so I chose to do this.  Here she is:

The first one I missed was Panda and then Kangaroo.  Panda I did in felt and kangaroo I outlined ready to fill in but liked it simply outlined so I've left it like that:
Then last week's was Gorilla which was awful to do and I did a sketch which I quite liked but when I tried to sew it in reverse it was a terrible calamity however I am not going to do it again!

 Anyway it's nice to be back - sorry I didn't comment on anybody's work - we were in the process of having fast fibre fitted as well but things didn't go according to plan and we were without for a few days - With the promise of it being connected soon I left anything to do with the internet as it is soul destroying how slow ours was before - I am happy to announce I have 54 MBps at last and surfing the internet is now a total joy unlike out 255KBps we had before last Friday when I felt like chucking the device through the window!  Anyway hopefully life will settle down to a relaxed pace and I shall be able to resume inchies on time!!  Please click the here to view other inchie makers master pieces.


  1. So not only do you have all your inchies up to date, and very delightful they are too, but you have decent internet and have been visiting my recent posts....glad you enjoyed your visit! Hope you are well on your way to recovering from all the bank hols mayhem, see you next week!


  2. Amazing inchies and with such a busy life it is good to see that you still have time to make them

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. Fabulous collection of inchies, especially love the panda and zebra.. I hope you have recovered from your visitors overload. Paul came over from Russia for Karen's birthday, and we had open gardens for the last two weekends. Pictures on my blog.
    Love Wendy xx

  4. Gosh you have been busy, well done on the catch up...they are all fabulous even the "maligned" gorilla...I think he looks lovely and wild. The zebra mane is great and the outlined kangaroo catches the fluidity and speed of movement so very well...the panda even catches the cuddlyness their images imply. I feel for you about the issues re water, internet speed etc...but having lived remotely for many years with a small family I can fully relate to your woes. The pleasures though, once things are operating as they should, far outweigh the negatives in so many ways, don't they? tfs, Di

  5. You have had alot on your plate, glad you got all of these done.