Monday, 29 July 2013

Every Inchie Monday - Wild

I can't believe another week has gone by and it's Monday
AGAIN!!  And so it's Every Inchie Monday time and we
have to portray Wild on an inch square!  I drew a mock
up for my normal embroidery of a stylised wild horse with
 its mane flowing and I really liked it: which is why I've put a picture here for you to see what I mean - I liked the flowing lines but how to get them in embroidery because stitches tend to be straight!  So I decided to try and couch a thread in flowing lines but the result was really disappointing and I am loath to even share it with you but here goes anyway - I've done it now so it seems churlish not to put it on!!

You can see I've lost those thin areas which make the horse so sleek in the drawing.  So I decided to do another Wild Inchie and this time I racked my brains to think what would do for wild and so I opted for a wolf baying to the moon:  I am more comfortable with this one.


  1. I like all 3 of them! Not sure how you can get those stitches so small but you do a great job!

  2. Brilliant Jenny, love the wolf, and the horse is like a cave painting.

  3. Both are great, but being fond of wolves, I LOVE the second one!

  4. I think even the stitched horse looks nice. Love your inchies.

  5. Brilliant inchies, I love both of them.
    xxx Hazel.